Furniture Salve

Wise Owl Furniture Salve

Designed to deodorize, restore, protect, beautify, and rejuvenate furniture and more. You will appreciate its softer than butter texture for easy application. Our furniture salve scents are luxurious and contain plenty of benefits to up your furniture restoring and refinishing game. (Also available in clear unscented for food grade projects and cutting boards.)

Check out the multitude of uses and benefits of Furniture Salve:
To BEAUTIFY AND REVIVE, bring out the grain, and protect raw wood.
Use to REVIVE SOFTEN AND PROTECT leather (you can even use it to add water-resistance to your boots!)
REMOVES OXIDATION from tarnished metal and hardware. Simply apply and wipe away years of patina and grime.
NEUTRALIZED ODORS, use inside drawers to seal and protect while removing unwanted smells from the furniture.
WATER RESISTANT- provides protection against water rings and moisture. It may also be used to remove existing water rings.
ANTISEPTIC, ANTI-FUNGAL, ANTI-PARASITIC AND BACTERICIDAL PROPERTIES- protects against mildew, mites, parasites, and pathogens and even repels insects! 

To Use: Apply Furniture Salve with a lint-free cloth or natural bristle brush and work into surface, buff well. Apply as needed to revive and protect. May be used over raw wood, finished or stain wood, painted furniture, and even metal to remove tarnish.

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