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ReVintaged Lemon carries a wide selection of authentic Polish Pottery from Ceramika Kalich, Andy Polish Pottery, Ceramika Artystyczna, Cermika Galia and Malwa. All located in Poland.

Polish Pottery is a painted, hand-crafted stoneware originating from the town of Boleslawiec, Poland. The tradition of making pottery and high-quality ceramic ware in this region dates back to the 14th century. Artisans train for years to learn the craft of creating the stunning Polish Pottery.

Polish Pottery is not only known for its grand beauty, but also for its durability. It seems the minerals found in the clay in the Boleslawiec region produce an extraordinarily strong pottery. Therefore, you can feel comfortable about placing your pottery in a microwave, oven, or dishwasher.

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What is Polish Pottery?

Polish pottery from Boleslawiec, Poland is probably one of the finest pottery produced in the world. Polish pottery is extremely durable, high-fired, non-porous stoneware dinnerware that can go straight from the microwave/oven–to the table–to the dishwasher.

Boleslawiec Polish pottery is classified as high-density stoneware, a very hard product shaped from opaque, white clay of the superb quality. It is resistant to chips and breakage. The dishes are completely safe for use with food–they contain no harmful substances.

Polish pottery is oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe because the artists who create it carefully select their clays and bake them at the searing temperature of 2,246 degrees Fahrenheit so it becomes as hard as stone and non-porous. It is best to not cook over 350 degrees.

Furthermore, the artisans coat all the colored patterns with a transparent, protective glaze in order to prevent wear and to help keep food from sticking.

The work produced by these original masters is called UNIKAT and pieces are signed by the individual artist. The price reflects the quality, detailed, careful painting, attention to design and time dedicated to each piece of pottery.

Polish Pottery bakeware is for real life–it could be used daily and not just admired for its beauty. Stoneware pottery disperses heat and diffuses it evenly. The nonporous baking dishes are easy to clean and maintain. Polish pottery bakeware moves directly and easily between the oven and table.

Polish pottery dinnerware sets add charm and distinction to any table setting. Polish pottery plates and platters are elegant enough for formal entertaining, yet simple enough for everyday use. There is a wide variety to choose from–great for mixing and matching.

Each piece of Polish pottery ceramics from Boleslawiec is made to be treasured. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

For each piece of Polish Pottery you purchase, you’ll be added into our quarterly drawing. The winner will receive a piece of Polish Pottery, hand selected by Sylvia, to add to their collection!

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